Mobile Banking Card Controls

Actively manage when, where, and how your St. Landry Bank debit card is used, right from your smartphone! Turn your card off if it's lost, control spending by setting transaction limits, prevent fraud by establishing geographic boundaries, and more, with Card Controls.

Mobile Banking Card Controls enables users to manage all aspects of their payment cards and transactions, from pre-authorization controls and location-based approval preferences to merchant and amount type controls directly within the St. Landry Bank Mobile App. Through the use of this feature, users can proactively control their cards and finances for everyday purchases.

Mobile Banking Card Controls include the following features:

• Adding and Disabling Cards: Users can enable or disable cards anywhere, at any time, via their mobile banking application.
• Location Based Card Controls: Users can limit the regions where cards can be used.
• Transaction Type Controls: Users can limit how the card is used by excluding certain transactions like Bill Pay, or ATM transactions.
• Merchant Type Controls: Users can limit what types of merchants can run their card based on the categorization of the merchant.
• Threshold Amount Controls: Users can set a dollar amount limit for card transactions.

The benefit is that these controls can protect cardholders from fraud in the event of card skimming, loss, and theft by limiting how a card’s information can be used.

Please contact us or review this document Card Controls for more information on enabling card controls.